Our organic farm is home to a variety of healthy animals. Our goats provide us with fresh milk, and our chickens and geese with delicious eggs. Our farm is run with respect towards nature and our animals. We are always grateful for everything nature and especially our animals provide for us. We've been running this organic farm for decades, and are aware of our responsibilities towards nature. We only take what we need, and try to keep our footprint at a minimum, by using methods like letting the sun warm our water for us. 







We milk our animals once a day and let their young drink from their mothers. We provide as much space as possible for the animals, and their quality of life is obvious to our guests. Feel free to go and find an egg for your breakfast in a nest. Build a special bond with nature here at our holiday farm in Wabnig in the lake Wörthersee region.


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Organic holiday farm Wabnig
Family Hermine Kogler

Unterlinden 11
9062 Moosburg, Kärnten/Austria

Tel.: +43 4272 83030





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