Joy of spring

Spring activities

The idyllic Lake Wörthersee region is known to have a very stable climate and lots of sunny days to enjoy the magic of Spring.


The Joy of hiking - Alps-Adriatic - Three country Tours
Experience the stunning landscapes of the Alps-Adriatic region of Austria, Italy and Slovenia.  Family tour to the "Tscheppa" canyon. This hike is an amazing day out with the whole family. Powerful, gushing waterfalls and rare and delicate flowers bring you close to nature and ensure an unforgettable experience.


Carinthia Tour
Visit the castle Hochosterwitz, the Dom zu Gurk cathedral, Straßburg, St. Veit and the beautiful lake Ossiach. Experience the rich culture and natural landmarks of Carinthia on this tour. more...


Visit our important sites - Do you want to reach the top?

Viewing platform Pyramidenkogel. This platform is 100 Meters high and the highest timber viewing platform in the world. This architectural masterpiece is created with elliptic platform structures created of wood. The Pyramidenkogel sculpture is an amazing balance between nature and man-made architecture and the stunning views are well worth the walk to the top! more...


A great trip in Spring is to our state capital Klagenfurt. Why not try out the popular SEGWAY tours!


Competitive training in Spring

Our lake Wörthersee region is the ideal area for competitive training. A lot of sportsmen and sportswomen come her to train for competitions in this beautiful setting. Due to our lakes, Carinthia is known to Triathletes and it's a perfect balance of sport and family fun. Our holiday farm is very popular with athletes to train and relax for ideal preparation for upcoming competitions. We are happy to accommodate you, your family and all your training equipment in our spacious farm. And of course, our organic food offers the best natural fuel you could hope for.


Iron Man Austria Triathlon 02.07.2017
Europe's largest Triathlon-Event at the lake Wörthersee: approximately 2000 athletes from all arts of the world come to Carinthia to compete at the "Kärnten Ironman Austria" in Klagenfurt. We even had a couple of winners of the Iron Man live with us at the holiday farm Wabnig. more...

Easter celebrations

Easter celebrations in Carinthia

In Carinthia, you will enjoy more than our beautiful nature with picturesque lakes and stunning mountains. We are very proud of our traditions and celebrate Easter according to very old customs. Everybody enjoys our traditional Easter celebration with a large "Easter fire" and the traditional food that follows. This tradition is well-known in our area and considered a true highlight by most. Our Easter-fire on the holiday farm Wabnig in Moosburg will be held on Saturday the 31th March at 18:45. Click here to participate...


Easter Carinthia Kärnten Tradition



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