Easter celebrations

Easter celebrations in Carinthia

In Carinthia, you will enjoy more than our beautiful nature with picturesque lakes and stunning mountains. We are very proud of our traditions and celebrate Easter according to very old customs. Everybody enjoys our traditional Easter celebration with a large "Easter fire" and the traditional food that follows. This tradition is well-known in our area and considered a true highlight by most. Our Easter-fire on the holiday farm Wabnig in Moosburg will be held on Saturday the 19th April at 18:45. Click here to participate...


Easter Carinthia Kärnten Tradition


Easter fire
This tradition is known to every local in Carinthia, and much anticipated by most. It is celebrated on the night before Easter Sunday and is an amazing experience for all. The surrounding mountains glow with the fires set by locals, especially young boys trying to create the largest bonfire in sight. This tradition celebrates the resurrection of Christ, and is celebrated by all. Farmers take special pride in celebrating this, and some believe that this offering will have an influence on the summer to come. 


The Carinthian Easter traditions...

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